Kyrgyzstan Marriage Practices

There are many practices associated with the Kyrgyz wedding. It can be considered to be a rite of passage in the area, and serves as an expression of mutual esteem between people.

Traditionally, women were expected to stay virgins until they were married. This practice was particularly common between Kyrgyz persons. Often , they were forced to leave their very own villages to marry others.

A dowry, or kiyit kiygizuu, is given to the fresh bride and groom. The dowry is actually a sum of money, that may vary from a few hundred or so dollars to twelve thousand. The bucks is typically accustomed to buy furniture meant for the new residence.

The first section of the wedding ceremony occurs in a individual home. Generally, it requires a mullah, and there are only a few witnesses.

The other portion of the wedding ceremony occurs in the roadways of the city. Friends give the newlyweds gift items and dreams. During this time, additionally they lay plants at scenic locations. Typically, the couple definitely will release doves into the surroundings.

During the ceremony, the young couple is supposed to get blessings out of relatives and elders. They should also statement any problems they face.

In addition , the small man’s mom and dad are required to give a „kalym”, which is a ransom paid to the bride’s spouse and children. This amount pounds varies in various regions online dating safety tips of the region. Kalyms are accustomed to purchase garments for the fresh family, in addition to a new home item, say for example a mattress.

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