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To say one person works a blue-collar job while another works a white-collar one carries the significance of salary size. The blue-collar worker may work for hourly wages or receive payment per item produced or assembled.

Are blue-collar jobs better than white-collar jobs?

Skilled blue-collar workers can typically find jobs that use their skill set without extra training. Many blue-collar workers also benefit from the ability to leave work at work and enjoy a satisfying personal life.

Similarly, blue- and white-collar workers perform different types of jobs, but both are necessary to keep the economy going. Increased creativity – white-collar workers have the opportunity to be creative in their daily jobs. This may include thinking up new ways for companies to make money or improving products that are already on the market. In contrast to a white-collar job, blue-collar workers usually can’t work remotely. A blue-collar job would traditionally focus on physical exertion, rather than mental attention. Historically, blue-collar jobs were so poorly paid that workers could not afford multiple work outfits, or to have these outfits washed daily.

Who are White Collar Workers?

A’s job is also likely to lead to other jobs with her employer in the future that are even better compensated. Person A likes to be able to make decisions about how she does her work, and places great importance on having a job that pays well. Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job.

  • These men didn’t really wear blue-collared shirts all that often, but they did wear blue-dyed jeans and overalls to do their jobs.
  • Rate for all workers was 69% in April 2020 before falling to 53% by July.
  • But if you want more physical activity, enjoy working with your hands, and don’t mind getting dirty, then a blue-collar job may be better suited for you.
  • „Blue-collar” is an adjective used to describe the type of work where manual skill and faculties are involved.
  • Their orientation to remote work is unique and is discussed below in the context of other specific occupations.
  • They are divided into different categories based on the type of work they need to perform, the level of accountability and responsibility they share, and so on.

Those doing manual labor tended to wear blue uniforms, while those in white-collar jobs wore white dress shirts. A similar pattern exists for the share of white collar workers who are part time involuntarily, although this share is still somewhat elevated. Because of the nature of their jobs, white-collar workers historically had a higher level of education than their blue-collar counterparts. Most white-collar jobs require at least a college degree, and many involve more advanced degrees or special certifications. The education gap between blue-collar and white-collar workers is slowly diminishing, as more people opt to get a college degree, regardless of the work they plan to do.

Region & Community

But, there are exceptions – for example, a machine operator might make more money than a bank teller. Slaves have to endure much pain and long haggard days with little to no pay working out on the fields and any other job that another man won’t do. Just like the slaves do these kinds of work the women in Indonesia could be compared to them because of the long working hours and the little pay with strict discipline. There is a growing problem with Third World women and how they are being used.

Uprising: Alden Volney on AI Art, Blue-Collar Jobs and Passion … – Little Black Book – LBBonline

Uprising: Alden Volney on AI Art, Blue-Collar Jobs and Passion ….

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If we required good documents starting tomorrow, the nation would plunge into an instantaneous economic crisis” . This would happen due the fact that they do most of the jobs that people don’t want to do and get low wages also which are blue collar jobs. In the article “Migrant Farm Worker,” by Studs Terkel shows the conditions of the working place and also shows child labor. He says the animals were being treated better than the workers themselves. Also this goes to show what little care the bosses had for their people and that they only cared about the money instead of the needs of these people. The phrases “blue collar” and “white collar” arose as a literal description of the color of workers’ collars in particular jobs.

Blue-Collar Workers

After that these Blue Collar vs. White Collar don’t have anywhere to go, some get a husband and are being taken care of and others have to resort to whatever that is needed to be done to get by. Although the problems to these blue collar workers are plain to see, the fact is that the country needs them for the economy to thrive. Even if blue collar workers are needed to have a successful economy it doesn’t change the fact that they need to be treated like people and not like dogs on the street. White-collar workers include about equal proportions of men and women.


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