How to Sell Business Quickly and Easily

It is essential to consider all the details when deciding to sell your business. The process can be lengthy and costly, as well as emotionally draining. It also involves the transfer and ownership of assets, that require a lot of documentation.

Generally speaking, the size of a business determines whether it will be sold as an independent company or through the broker. Smaller businesses are usually sold through brokers since they are more restricted in their buyers. No matter the size of your business selling your business can be complicated and requires careful planning and preparation.

An appraiser who is qualified will give an in-depth report along with supporting documentation to determine your business’s value. This valuation is typically calculated as a multiple of the annual net income or revenue. The number of times this will differ based on the kind of business and the industry. It is used to determine your selling price.

Be sure to keep your inventory of your equipment up-to-date and ensure that your financial information is accurate prior to selling. You’ll have to prepare, on average, three years of financial statements and tax returns for potential buyers to look over. Having these documents ready can speed up the sales process.

During discussions, buyers could request a variety of conditions to be included in the contract. Common requests include guarantees for salary, equity stakes and stock payouts. You might want to seek the assistance of an accountant or attorney prior to deciding on any terms because they can provide a detailed explanation of how these provisions affect your profit from the sale.

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